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Bridget Ann


"You always have a smile on your face" -Jen Larivee

Sharing the joy of life and art has driven my passion for B. collective to be a successful and inspiring space for artists. I dreamed big when I saw a vision of a retail shop that allowed local artists to thrive in a creative environment. I am so proud, and blessed by every single artist that has honored us to feature their talent. Their faith in me, and their passion for art has allowed us to grow into this beautiful collection of local brilliance.

Throughout this journey I have recognized one of my biggest faults throughout life has been never asking for help, or treating that need as a vulnerability. Through this collective I have learned it takes a village, and your tribe within that village can give you strength, wisdom, and inner joy. In May of 2018 one of our youngest artists asked to help me, and without hesitation (which is so not me) said YES! My Jo has been my rock, my smile, my inspiration, my "art daughter", and B.collective would not be what it is today without her.........

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Johanna Wayland-Smith


The lovely Jo hails from Florida, but has called Memphis home since 2005 when her family was evacuated from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. Upon first meeting her you may find that she is shy and reserved. Our little Jo has a very strong passionate side to her though. Her loyalty and passion for art exceeds expectations, and most days we find it hard to peel her away from the shop. She can be found sitting at HER art table in the doorway of B. collective painting away, and running the show with an air of grace and beauty to be admired.


Natacha White

B. Keeper/Artist

It must be a St. Agnes thing! Born and raised in Memphis, Natacha also graduated from Bridget and Jo’s Alma mater.

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Bobbie Wayland-Smith

Shop Dog/Endless Entertainment