Bridget Ann opened B. collective with one purpose: Support other local artists who worked hard to make their art look beautiful and create a space filled with spirit and joy.

Bridget has always been a supporter first. If they feel that they may have made mistakes in their piece, she showers them in compliments. If it is a new artist looking for a start, she will welcome them with open arms for a pop-up. By supporting local artists, she has created a place where others can come and be inspired and share knowledge.

In a world dominated by the virtual and digital life style, Bridget has found a brick and mortar presence for the art community to bring an almost lost talent back to the doorstep of everyday life. True grit and emotion backed art, giving anyone a sense of pride and feeling that sees it.

With over 25 local Memphis artists, B. collective is up to the challenge of creating a brick and mortar store that becomes the standard for showcasing local art. Whether you are looking for paintings to hang on your wall, clothes to match your style, or woodworking like tables and coasters, you can find it all here.